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Tummy Tuck in Turkey

A tummy tuck in Turkey is the most comfortable way to quickly gain your self-confidence! At Milano Clinic, we perform the procedure in Istanbul Şişli.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 3-4 Hours
Operation Area Down Venter
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 3 Days
Start Time Post/Op 1
First Shower 5 Days Later
Recovery Time Between 6 Months-1 Year
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio 1 Month Later
Suture Mark Average
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type Meltable
Oedema Status Less/Average
Hospitalize 2 Nights
Open/Close Technic Close

What is Tummy Tuck?

The aesthetics of the abdomen is a plastic surgery that is applied to eliminate the problems of fat in the abdomen. Surgical intervention is performed for the aesthetic of the abdomen. Abdominal skin sagging is more common in women. This surgery is an operation that women are frequently referred to.

Men prefer to lose weight in a shorter period of time. The abdominal area hangs due to weight gain in men. Men also resort to the aesthetic appeal of the tummy to achieve the ideal appearance. The front walls in the abdomen in ​​women become narrower during pregnancy. As a result of this narrowing, the abdominal muscles begin to compress. The fat that accumulates in the abdomen of the dangling is taken by tummy tuck surgery. Thus, the abdomen has the ideal appearance.

Cost of Tummy Tuck

There are different application methods of a tummy tuck, such as mini and full tummy tuck, depending on the fat condition of the person in the belly area. For this reason, surgery prices vary depending on the procedure to be performed and factors such as the amount of fat and skin to be removed from the person's belly. In addition, other operations can be added to the operation depending on the needs or wishes of the person. For example, vaser liposuction is often preferred together with a tummy tuck. If the fat content is high and there is sagging skin, it would be more appropriate to do it together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck

How is Tummy Tuck Performed?

Tummy tuck operations take from 2 hours to 5 hours. An incision line is made over the hairy area of 8-10 cm under the belly hidden under the underwear. The incision is similar to the cesarean section but it is slightly longer. A second incision is performed in order to be able to transfer the umbilicus. After the operation, the incision line is closed with an undercut suture. And it is covered with a medical dressing. In order to expel the extra liquid collected in the area, two tubes called drains are placed. On the first day of a tummy tuck, a urinary catheter is made. The urinary catheter is removed after standing up. A tummy tuck is fit for the patient after the operation.

What are the Types of Aesthetic Tension?

Tummy tuck surgery is performed in several kinds. There are three types of tummy tuck surgery: full tummy tuck surgery, partial tummy tuck surgery, reverse tummy tuck surgery. A full abdomen is called abdominoplasty in the medical language. This operation allows the middle and lower abdominal walls to be tenser.

Who Can Apply for Tummy Tuck?

People who usually lose or gain weight fast apply to the tummy tuck surgery aesthetic. Excessive weight gain and weight loss cause deformation in the abdomen. Sudden and excessive weight loss creates slack in the abdomen. Loosening of the abdomen is seen not only in overweight individuals but also in normal-weight individuals. The reason why this condition is seen in normal weight is related to genetic predisposition. Multiple pregnancies or a variety of surgical procedures in the abdominal muscles will cause slack.

What Should be Considered Before Tummy Tuck?

You should strictly follow the recommendations of your specialist physician. Smokers should stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery. Avoid staying in the sun for a long time. It is necessary to reduce the intake of vitamin E and to stop using aspirin. Avoid dietary regimens prior to abdominal stretching surgery. Those who have a cold or infection should postpone a tummy tuck.

How Long Does a Tummy Tuck Surgery Take?

Tummy Tuck is a type of aesthetic surgery performed to have a more frequent and flat stomach. General anesthesia is applied in this surgery. Local anesthesia can also be applied in small operations. The surgery takes 2 hours to 5 hours, depending on the severity and magnitude of the operation.

How is the Process After the Tummy Tuck Operation?

Due to the incision made after the tummy tuck operation, a scar can be left at the bottom of the belly. In order to prevent bleeding after operation and to reduce swelling, the operation area is kept bandaged. In order to keep the abdomen tense after the aesthetic surgery, the knees are usually supported with a pillow and provided hospitalization. After the operation, two tubes called drains are placed under the skin. Drains are placed to control possible bleeding conditions. The patient is discharged within 2 days. After the aesthetic surgery, sometimes blood can form under the skin called a hematoma. Wounds and sutures can sometimes infect. In such cases, it is necessary to appear to the specialist physician.

Is It Necessary to Receive Sutures During Tummy Tuck?

In the tummy tuck operation, the sutures are usually self-melting. You do not need to have a seam after the operation. At the end of the operation, various swelling and bruising are seen. This situation is normal and is temporary. You do not need to perform general maintenance for the sutures after surgery. Tummy tuck is not an operation that needs to be repeated and usually results in a positive result.

What Can be Done After Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck surgery is an aesthetic operation that is frequently applied to women after birth. It is difficult to combat excess skin and fat after birth. With the help of various exercises, the sagging of the abdominal muscles is attempted. In order to get rid of sagging of the belly and abdomen, a tummy tuck is performed. Women who are given birth should wait at least 1 year to have a tummy tuck operation. With this operation, the excess skins in the abdomen are cut and combined with the intact skin tissue.

How to Improve the Tummy Tuck?

The incisions that occur after the Tummy Tuck operation may leave a mark on the operation area. Most of the time these marks remain under the underwear. By using the cream and bands that the doctor offers you, you can reduce the traces of surgery to the least visible level.

There is blistering, bruising, and swelling in the abdomen after surgery. Pain rarely occurs in the process of healing. If the doctor deems it necessary, the patient is given pain medication. Swelling and bruising will last for 4 weeks.

It takes 6 months for the abdomen look to return to normal. When the patient is discharged, the doctor's advice and good rest will accelerate the healing process. Patients should follow specialist physicians' instructions strictly. A tummy tuck operation is not recommended for women who have just given birth. You should have a regular doctor's check after the operation.

Are There Any Traces of Surgery After Tummy Tuck?

We'll be lying if we say no trace will be left after your tummy tuck. As with all surgical operations requiring incision, incision traces remain in the tummy tuck operation. These marks usually do not affect you because they are under your underwear.

Surgical ropes are used in surgical procedures requiring an incision. Tissue in the sewing area will begin to renew itself in a short time. Even if there is a small renewal, traces will remain.

The operation is carried out with great care to ensure that these marks are performed at a minimum level during operation. The incisions are usually made to the invisible areas of the body. The surgical cut line is opened to stay in the bikini area and not to the abdomen of the patient.

Is It OK to Get Pregnant Again After Tummy Tuck?

There is no harm in getting pregnant again after the tummy tuck. It is best to consider pregnancy at least 1 year after surgery.

Can Pregnancy Marks be Removed with Tummy Tuck?

Striae (skin cracks) in the skin tissue disrupts the elastic balance of the skin. Tummy tuck is performed depending on the depth and intensity of the skin cracks in the abdomen. After this surgery, the cracks that occurred during pregnancy are significantly reduced but not completely destroyed.

What are the Risks of Tummy Tuck?

Every year, hundreds of these operations are completed successfully. The tummy tuck operations make great contributions to the shaping and aesthetic appearance of the body.

As with all surgical operations, a tummy tuck operation carries risks. It carries the risks of anesthesia in aesthetic surgery. Postoperative wound infection, bleeding in the surgical field, accumulation of body fluid, and increased blood clotting can be seen. Wound infection is removed by drainage and antibiotic use. Blood or body fluid accumulation in the surgical field is very rare. It can be resolved with drains placed during surgery.

What Should be Done Before and After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

1 week before the tummy tuck operation, smoking, blood-thinning medication, aspirin, herbal product, supplementation of food should be stopped. Birth control pills need to be released 20 days in advance. A regular diet and exercise contribute to the recovery process.