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Thigh Lift in Turkey

The age factor cause sagging in all parts of the body. In addition, the legs are very suitable for the formation of sagging skin structures. As the fat layer is reduced due to the loss of skin elasticity, a sagging appearance will appear. To avoid an aesthetic problem ladies can benefit from thigh lift in Turkey. The solution for saggy legs is here in Milano Clinic.

Thigh Lift Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 2 Hours
Operation Area Down Extremity
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 1 Day
Start Time Post/Op
First Shower Op. 2 Days Later
Recovery Time 15 Days
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio 15 Days Later
Suture Mark No Suture
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type Meltable
Oedema Status Less/Average
Hospitalize 1 Night
Open/Close Technic Close

What is Thigh Lift?

Leg skin loses its elasticity due to the gravitational effect and aging. As a result, sagging of the leg skin occurs. In addition, frequent weight gain can also be counted as one of the reasons for saggy legs. Excess skin folds and fattening on the top and inner sides of the legs are removed during thigh lift surgery.

Sagging of the leg may also cause the problem of abdominal sagging. This is because of sagging in the leg also affects the abdomen. As a result, a single operation, both in thigh lift surgery and Tummy Tuck surgery can be done. According to the patient's decision, it is possible to utilize both applications through a single healing process.

Cost of Thigh Lift

The surgeon's charge, anesthetic fee, and operating room fee are all included in the cost of a thigh lift operation. In addition, thigh lift can be done in conjunction with other treatments, increasing the entire cost. That is why it is difficult to name an exact price. To learn more about the cost of thigh lift contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Lift

Who is Suitable for Thigh Lift?

This procedure is suitable for every adult who has problems in the inner leg area. In addition, intra- thigh lifting is not applicable to those below the age of 18 years. Therefore, tigh lifting operations that can be preferred by male or female patients are recommended for patients suffering from sagging and people who give importance to their aesthetic appearance.

In addition, patients may request a thigh lift operation due to the inability to wear the clothing they want due to sagging.

Weight control should be ensured after the operation to prevent sagging. If necessary, a diet should be started and weight gain should be prevented. In particular, it is recommended that the mother candidates apply for this operation after birth. Because weight control after birth can only be paid attention to in this way.

Which Partitions Can Hang out of the Thigh?

The sagging of the leg skin usually occurs on the skin of the thigh. Especially in this process, which is considered to be a sign of aging, sagging may occur in thin places like in the inner-upper leg part. In patients with rapid weight loss, sagging occurs in the entire leg.

Sagging is actually collected on the back and buttocks. It should be kept in mind that abdominal tension surgery may be used in such cases. In this process, the same techniques can be used to clarify hip tissue.

How to Plan a Thigh Lift?

The surgery technique is decided before the thig lift operation. In this process, the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, especially the sagging rate of the skin, is also examined. Liposuction is usually applied if a problem occurs due to weight gain. With this procedure, the abundant part of the skin is taken by surgical techniques.

Abundance in the skin can sometimes be up to the groin area. In such cases, a bad appearance may occur in the case of bagging from the groin to the legs. In all these cases, thig lift surgery is successfully applied and completed with a small scar.

Are There Any Side Effects of Thigh Lift ?

This procedure has no side effects.

How to Perform a Thigh Lift?

Local anesthesia is applied to patients before leg stretching surgery. But in some patients, it may be enough to numb the waist down. It is also decided whether liposuction should be performed before the procedure. With the operation, the incisions in the 3 mm diameter are discarded and the fat layer accumulated in the inner leg area is successfully reached. Then the fat layer is taken and thinning is provided in the region.

After the removal of the skin by stretching the leg in the incision, stitches are made. In patients with plenty of skin, an operation limited to the inguinal region can be performed. If the groin is removed from the groin, the incision is taken to the groin area. Then, the process is completed by switching to sewing applications.

What are the Risks of Intra Thigh Lift?

Generally, some risks related to anesthesia may occur after in- thigh lifting. Patients who complain most about the traces should apply to the operation. Because the traces should be adapted to the recommendations of the surgeon in order not to increase. Already, the scars will begin to decrease after about 1 month. But in this process, a serious restriction on thigh movements is useful.

As with any aesthetic operation, there is a risk of infection in the thigh lift. This can be prevented by using the prescribed antibiotics after the surgery. Of course, keeping the area clean will also prevent infection.

Will There be Bruising After the Procedure?

There may be slight bruising. However, this appearance disappears soon.

Is There Any Loss of Sensation After Surgery?

There is no loss of sensation after the thigh lift surgery.

Is the Result of the Thigh Lift Surgery Permanent?

The results of this aesthetic operation are permanent. However, if you lose weight continuously, sagging may occur.

Is There Swelling After Surgery?

Too little swelling can be seen.

Can the Drug be Used After the Procedure?

Only pain and antibiotics prescribed by the surgeon can be used.

Does the Thigh Form is Deformed After Thigh Lift?

No. This process is applied to protect the leg shape.

Should the Hospital Rest be More Than 1 day?

Generally, 1-day clinical rest is a must. This restores the healing process. In some cases, 2 days of clinical rest can be given.

After Thigh Lift

The duration of the operation varies from patient to patient. It is usually completed between 2 and 4 hours. The first 2 days after the procedure, rest at the clinic is a must. In addition, the necessary examinations are performed by the surgeon on the day after the operation. This process can take up to 1 month with the use of a special corset. In the first days, attention should be paid to sitting and lying positions. Varicose veins should also be used in the first week after the in- thigh lifting. Stitches are spontaneous, so no dressing is needed.

Things to Consider Before Intra-Thigh Lifting

Blood-thinning medications should not be taken 10 days before the operation. The same applies to herbal supplements and medicines. Protein powders, aspirin, fish fat tablets, and vitamins are included in this group.

Athletes generally consume energy drinks. However, green tea and energy drinks should not be taken before the thigh lifting operation. These drugs should not be used within 10 days after the operation.

Since smoking consumption delays the healing process of the traces after surgery it should be stopped 15 days prior to the operation. It also causes permanent traces during the process.

Finally, blood pressure and blood sugar levels of people with diabetes or high blood pressure should be brought to the standard level before the thigh lift operation. The surgeon will share all the information on this subject with the patients.