Smile Design

Smile Design

An aesthetic and pleasant smile is something that almost everyone wants to have. Smile aesthetics are of great importance in making an impressive first impression. Therefore, the way you smile and the structure of your teeth may affect your self-confidence. That's why you can consider using a smile design application to solve the disorders in your smile. Mouth and tooth structure is a very important medical issue. Disorders in these structures can affect health and quality of life. In addition, disorders in the teeth can create a bad situation in terms of visuality. Unfortunately, the smile can be affected by disorders in the mouth. However, it is possible to have an aesthetic and impressive smile with a quality smile design application. What is Smile Design? We can say that one of the first striking features of a person about appearance is his smile. Having an impressive and aesthetic smile can be very important in making a good first impression. On the other hand, various disorders in the structure of the mouth and teeth can spoil your smile. In this case, it is possible to have a better smile with the smile design application. There may be many different disorders in the structure of the teeth and mouth. These disorders may include problems such as crooked teeth, yellowing of the tooth color and very prominent gums. In addition, broken or damaged teeth can also spoil the smile. In the process of smile design, these types of disorders are resolved aesthetically and smile aesthetics is provided.

Why Smile Design Is Done?

In addition to the functional properties of the teeth and mouth, they also have a great impact on aesthetics. They affect the external appearance as they are the first noticeable areas on the face. Problems in the mouth and teeth greatly affect the aesthetics of the smile. Basically, smile design is made to eliminate aesthetic problems in the mouth and tooth structure. Thus, a more aesthetic smile can be provided. Various methods are used in this process. As a result, with a good smile design process, the individual can have a more pleasant smile.

How to Smile Design?

There are many different applications in the field of dental health and aesthetics. Among these applications, operations such as dental veneers and dental implants are more specific than smile design. Because it may be necessary to find solutions to more than one aesthetic problem in smile design. First of all, necessary examinations and planning are made at the beginning of the smile design process. Since the needs of the patients in this area will be different, different procedures can be planned. Then, the necessary procedures are performed by the experts and smile aesthetics is provided.

Before and After Smile Design

One of the most curious subjects in dental aesthetic applications is what kind of changes can occur before and after the operation. The same is true of smile design, which is an application that can significantly affect the external appearance of the individual. Before the smile design is made, there may be various aesthetic problems in the patient's teeth, gums and mouth structure. These problems can make a person's smile non-aesthetic. After a successful smile design, these problems are solved and the patient gets a more beautiful smile.

Is Smile Aesthetics Provided With Smile Design?

In procedures such as smile design, where a more aesthetic appearance is aimed, it is important for many people that the results appear pleasant and natural. Basically, among the factors that affect the success of the smile design, there may be factors such as the skill of the physician who performs the procedure. As a result, with a successfully completed smile design, a pleasant smile aesthetic can be achieved when the healing process is fully realized.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

The procedures applied during the smile design process may vary from person to person. Because the problems in the mouth structures of the patients may be different. Depending on the methods used, how permanent the smile design will be may vary. For example, for some people, methods such as wire treatment may be necessary, while for others, procedures such as teeth whitening are applied. Basically, since the processes used in smile design are extensive, the lifespan of the smile design can also differ from person to person.