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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation surgery is performed on both men and women who are suffering from baldness. Hair transplantation is far more than just a medical treatment since the change is very powerful. The Milano Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, has long been known for its expertise in hair transplant operations.

Hair Transplantation Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 5 hours
Operation Area Head
Anesthesia Type Local
Pain Treshold After the Operation
Start Time 1 Day After
First Shower 2 Days Later
Recovery Time 15 Days
Re-operation Status No Need
Gym-Cardio 15 Days
Suture Mark No Pain
Age Limit 18
Suture Type -
Oedema Status Little
Hospitalize -
Open/Close Technic Close

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation occurs when a plastic or dermatological surgeon transplants hair to a bald part of the head. It is a permanent cure for hair loss that requires very little surgical intervention. Hair transplantation can help you look better and feel more confident. This surgery is also for people who have scars or who have lost hair due to other conditions. There are two methods of hair transplant: the FUE method and the DHI method.

Cost of Hair Transplantation

A hair transplantation cost varies according to different aspects such as the surgeon performing the operation and materials that are being used. But most importantly prices vary according to the method that is being used. Learn more about the prices by contacting us or visiting our pages FUE Hair Transplant or DHI Hair Transplant!